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Who are we?

Fundsquire is a global startup and scale-up funding network with offices in Australia, UK, and Canada. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with fast, easy, and early ways to access capital – beyond selling equity.

Our team is passionate and driven and will guide you through your R&D financing journey with a wealth of resources, connections, and financial support.

A different approach.

We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs as they innovate and through innovative funding solutions, we believe we are playing an important part in bringing new ideas to the forefront.

There are better alternatives to selling equity. We believe accessing R&D tax incentives and making use of your revenue as leverage should be priorities for businesses looking to improve cash flow, speed to market, and increase their ability to grow.

Our belief.

We believe in entrepreneurs. The young, the old, the tech-savvy or the sales mavens.

We’ve been through long, complex, and expensive equity rounds ourselves and think there is a better way to use early debt to grow your business.


A company that is corporation tax eligible, is expecting an R&D claim and has invested a lot in R&D activities and R&D expenditure could potentially be qualified for a refund of up to 43.5% of relevant costs as a cash refund. Find out if your company is eligible.

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Our Team

Damien Petty

Founder & CEO

Rowan Gallagher

Managing Director – UK

Scott Spence

Managing Director – Canada

Lani Dykes

People & Culture

Alexandra Kepka

Global Marketing Manager

Terry Ng

Credit & Relationship Associate

Brendan Bennett

Head of Partnerships & Strategy

Kaine McNamara

Credit Analyst

Andrew Pankevicius

Product & Technology Advisor

Josh Poulton

Funding Analyst

Joel Thornton

Relationship Manager

Rachael Singh

Relationship Manager

Jack Sparkes

Originations Manager

Imon Choudhury

Technical Product Manager

Suneha Dutta

Digital Marketing Coordinator