The R&D Cash Flow Loans Program was created by the Victorian Government to support high-growth and high-tech Victorian businesses to continue developing useful technologies and building the country’s future.

The 2020/21 Budget has allocated up to $50 million to be used to grant SMEs in Victoria access to low-interest loans to continue funding essential R&D.

Victorian small-medium enterprises that currently qualify for the Commonwealth’s R&D Tax Incentive will be eligible to apply for these loans.

The program seeks to ensure Victorian businesses are able to continue investing in essential R&D and through that, fuel the local and national economy, to the benefit of all taxpayers. This means they will be able to keep or create new jobs, supporting research and innovation, helping fund clinical trials and essential equipment and machinery.

The purpose of the program is to support the continued growth of the Victorian innovation ecosystem and build on the gains already made in this field. Science and Technology are the backbones of a thriving economy, and supporting businesses big and small that contribute to this sector is an essential task of the regional government.

The Victorian Government will likely have a limited funding pool and strict funding criteria. The terms and qualification standards for this funding are not yet clear, but we will be updating this page as soon as details emerge.

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