R&D Finance for SaaS Companies

Fundsquire helps companies that provide Software as a Service make use of their R&D tax incentive early – fast and cost-effectively.

Free up cash flow, now.

SaaS is fuelling the technology of the future, for both consumers and businesses – we can help.

The funds you need

Access between $75,000 and up to several million, either as a one-time working capital loan or a quarterly drawdown facility. Easy application, fast access to capital. We are as flexible as your needs.

In as fast as 24h

If you’re close to filing your R&D refund, or it’s currently awaiting processing, you can access financing in as little as 24 hours from completing your application. If you require a larger or earlier loan, we can help in as little as 10 days.

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“We hit our first big enterprise customer and literally doubled the size of the business in the months that we got this funding. Almost overnight.”

- Joe Cripps, CEO, Trail

See our case study for Trail

“The funding allowed us to continue to grow the business and create value, and increase the value of the business while also working on securing equity funding.”

- Jean-Claude Abouchar, CTO, PrimeXConnect

See our case study for PrimeXConnect

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