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I joined Fundsquire one and a half years ago, as the second hire in the London office, and my first role was to lead Origination in the UK. This spring, I had the opportunity to move into the role of global Marketing Manager, and now I support the brand for all our local offices.

Working at Fundsquire has been the closest thing I've experienced to being an entrepreneur. I actively contribute to how the company is led and get to (ok, need to) use my creativity and problem-solving capacity every day. Because the company is still growing fast, being an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, as is the fashion, is a necessity. In an environment that's so dynamic, wearing more hats than a box at Ascot is a prerequisite. Life in a growing company like Fundsquire is fast-paced, and I know it's not for everyone, but I love it.

Intrapreneurship and autonomy (and yes, cats)

The company was born global, so working with people in the UK, Canada, and Australia has been a part of my job from day one. Working with our international team requires a bit more flexibility because of the different time zones, but that flexibility is thankfully echoed in how I can structure my own time.

This leads us to my favourite part of the job – the degree of autonomy I have while working at Fundsquire is immense. This means it’s up to me to steer my projects, collaborate with the team on what I need, and organize my time how I see fit, like a real grownup. Needless to say, good self-management is vital, and it can be a challenge sometimes. But help is always there if I need it, but as a growing, dynamic team, you’re expected to lead much more than you follow. For me, that’s ideal and fits my personality, but I see how some may feel a need for structure. There is no hand-holding-authority-from-above figure that will micromanage your life here – the downside is that you’ll need to be that for yourself.

Autonomy also means the freedom to choose my location. I’m lucky in this area, as it’s my job to serve all our offices, so wherever I am, I overlap well with at least one of our world-encircling time zones. Now I’m weathering the Coronavirus storm from my hometown in Romania, and, not going to lie, the proximity of cats is helping a lot. Not every position at Fundsquire works this way, especially if you are client-facing, but working from home and remote work is a big part of the company’s flexibility. In the end, it’s about contribution, not when you clock in.

A big part of the culture is about developing both the team and the individual. Growth is what Fundsquire wants to achieve both for clients and employees. Learning and Development is a big part of working here, and like everything else, it is up to you to chart a path. To join the team, you go through a personal strengths assessment and one or two coaching consultations. It’s not just an analysis of your own strengths profile, but you can see a breakdown of the wider team’s strengths and how you fit within this constellation. It looks like my strengths are related to communication, learning, and helping others learn. I also found out that these strengths are complementary to the team’s strengths, so I found my little ecological niche as the company’s communicator-in-chief.

I’m grateful to work for a company that puts its people first, values individualism, independence and entrepreneurship, and the spirit of growth. I’ve seen the number of Fundsquire employees double, and it’s soon to triple, so I can’t wait to see where the adventure takes us!

If you’re excited to help SMEs grow just as much as I am, and want to join a stellar team committed to helping you grow, check out our careers page or chat with us below.

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Alex Kepka

Alex is a tech-focused funding expert, helping innovative companies grow through innovative funding through her work at Fundsquire. She also has a background in journalism, having written for outlets like Vice and many others in the past on topics ranging from philosophy to economics.